Bernard-Christian PIERRON was born in Normandy (Seine Maritime, France). When a teenager, he writes numerous poems and short stories. Later on he develops a passion for painting. From this period date many portraits : naive faces with larg, dark eyes. Learning English, German and Italian, he soon reads writers such as Steinbeck, Moravia, Calvino, Lawrence, Caldwell, Hemingway, Buzzati or Wharton. He studies Arabic calligraphy. Interested in all forms of artistic expression, he regularly attends the world of Art where he has many friends, especially among painters.

In the late 80s, using warm colours laid flat, he produces a series of abstract collages with paper cut in puzzles. Therefore, he never stops painting. Sinces 1997 he devotes himself exclusively to painting. In 2004, he joins in Comparaisons the Group Réalité Seconde of André Sablé.

Painter of intuition and imagination, explorer of the Infinite,
BC.PIERRON is a contemplative. He paints life hidden behind appearances, the waltz of matter where molecules dance and atoms whirl, the endless implosion of elements that are condensing to shoot better, the fabulous disorder among which harmony keeps arising.


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